Tuesday, August 29, 2023



296 Destroy maya, the rebellious mind that unceasingly wallows in the sense objects of the world, and then, with the malevolent ego dead, the world vasana gone and yourself wholly consummated as Sivam, shine as pure consciousness.

297 Do not suffer, wandering in the scorching heat, eating the bare earth of sense objects that are the non-Self. Feed on the bliss of the Self that exists in the home of the Heart, that immense and never-ending canopy of cool shade where perfect peace shines.

298 You who have taken up the performance of tapas with devotion surging in your heart, and with your mind surrendered to the feet of the Supreme One! Having totally extinguished the avaricious desire for the siddhis that bestow powers attain the supreme bliss of liberation, eternal Sivam.

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