Sunday, April 9, 2023



When we raise our consciousness to the level of the Atma, we at least temporarily abandon that identity we previously related to. That same Atma resides in all beings as the witness and so at the level of the Atmic consciousness is the sum total of the consciousness of all the individualized beings.

 Traditionally, Brahmam is described as having thousands of mouths, eyes, hands, and heads because in the Samadhi state the awareness takes in the perceptions of the higher Atmic being that is behind all of the individual forms. Stories of the lives of Sages and Saints are full of descriptions of their awareness of the thoughts and feelings of the disciples who come to them.

 From the height of the Atma they peer into the mind of disciples to ascertain their spiritual path and assist them on their way. They see the patterns of cause and effect at work in an individuals life and so know the forces and events leading up nknpwnto the present moment, the impediments to continued evolution and how they may best be overcome.

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