Thursday, April 6, 2023

Unknown but cool


A joy with a cause is more like dependence or uncertainty. It is bound to vanish. Luckily, we can enjoy The Causeless Joy which is eternally present. The Causeless Joy is the Perfect Joy and is the Nature of God or Self. God is ever joyous without a cause, such is His essence - Joyful. Peace and Joy are one and the same and never leave Home. To be absolutely quiet in heart, body and mind is to partake in this Causeless Bliss. It will exist eternally and is the Joy enjoyed forever. Even if you do not notice it, you are now enjoying it, perhaps covered by layers of illusion. Still IT is there, for sure. Bliss is not a feeling, it is the Ineffable BEING of the Almighty Supreme which is Now and Here. To become blissful is to become miserable later. That which IS Bliss has no opposite. Very simple, but True.

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