Thursday, April 13, 2023

Brian A. Bain, BA


The "real seat of Vishnu," then, dawns on man "as the form of light."6 Brahman is seen as the light of an endless sphere.7 The "Brahman-OM" is "the highest light, the foundation and sovereign lord of all...."8 Brahma is light, says the Maitri Upanishad, and the mystic symbol OM is "a leader, brilliant, sleepless, ageless [and] deathless...."9 Brahma, "the limitless One," is that "shining form which gives heat in yonder sun.... Unending are the rays of him."10 Brahman is "self-shining," "self-luminous," and "shines by his own brightness." As He shines "does everything else shine after."11 As we find in the Brahmarahasya Upanishad

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