Monday, March 27, 2023

"Tantric Sex and the Path

 “Let your heart unite with my heart.”

- The Ṛig Veda, Ancient India
You can live permanently in peace and bliss. Calm and relaxed, joyful and carefree, yet charged with energy and enthusiasm. You can possess clarity of mind, profound wisdom, kindness and understanding toward everyone you meet. Radiating love, you can feel complete fulfillment through your relationships. Fully open to the pleasures of life, you can create what you desire. All this can be yours, in this very lifetime. And you can use these inner qualities to help bring others to the same bliss as well. Enlightenment, the highest goal of all spiritual paths, is truly possible for you. While most spiritual paths require great hardship, you can follow a path of intense pleasure. You can have more fun than you ever had before, and find yourself growing in love and joy each day. This book shows you how. The practices are so enjoyable, you will want to do them again and again. These methods are not new. In fact, they come from the oldest spiritual tradition in the world. They have just been hidden for a very long time.

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