Saturday, March 25, 2023

Sri Robert Adams

 You have to have loving kindness for all, humility, mercy. You always have to remember, I am my brother, my brother is me. What is good for you is good for your friends and relatives and everybody else. Do not separate yourself from anything. Everything is one. Not only human beings but animals, minerals, vegetables. It is all one. However you treat anything you are relay treating yourself. The whole world is a looking glass for you, and what you see you get. So what do you see?

That is why I tell you so often I am merely a mirror for you. When you see me you see yourself. The question is therefor, what do you see. What kind of self are you seeing? If you are seeing something ugly, something negative you have to work on yourself. Do not try to change other people, do not try to change your circumstances. If you get rid of one set circumstances, another one of the same nature will pop out later. You can not get rid of yourself until you change yourself. You have to work on yourself all the time, and above all you have to have patience. Patience is the key. Especially when you practise this path you must have a lot of patience. Do not ask when, live each moment in beauty and joy. One day you will be awakened and you will laugh hysterically.

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