Monday, March 6, 2023

~ Rishi Narayana, Rig Veda X.97.2

"In the Vedic view we live in a 'conscious universe,' not merely a matter, energy or mind based cosmos. Consciousness is the underlying substance, force and reality that creates, sustains, and dissolves all things in the world, constituting their inner essence.

 Consciousness, we could say, is God, not in a mere theological or faith-based sense, but as the supreme principle of life and existence. We are all aspects of this supreme consciousness reflecting itself in various forms and manifestations like sparks from a single fire.

This underlying universal consciousness the 'Vedas' call the 'Purusha', meaning the cosmic person, the Supreme Being for whom the entire universe is its expression, which is lauded starting in the Rig Veda.' The Purusha is everything, what has been and what will be.And he is the lord of immortality.'

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