Thursday, March 16, 2023

Manly P. Hall The Secrets Behind All Religions:

"Truth is eternal. The so-called revelations of Truth that come in different religions are actually but a re-emphasis of an ever existing doctrine."

Thus Moses did not originate a new religion to Israel; he simply adapted the Mysteries of Egypt to the needs of Israel. The Ark triumphantly borne by the twelve tribes through the wilderness was copied after the Isaac ark which may still be traced in faint has-relief upon the ruins of the Temple of Philae. Even the two brooding cherubim over the mercy seat are visible in the Egyptian carving, furnishing Indubitable evidence that the secret doctrine of Egypt was the prototype of Israel's mystery religion. In his reformation of Indian philosophy, Buddha likewise did not reject the esotericism of the Brahmins, but rather adapted this esotericism to the needs of the masses of India.

The mystic secrets locked within the Holy Vedas were thus disclosed in order that all men, irrespective of castely distinction, might partake of wisdom and share in a common heritage of good."

Artist; Jaima James Buidiniek

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