Monday, March 6, 2023

Ed Crowley


I'm the Unknown Wanderer.
Understand that I speak not
the language of your mind.

My speech is completely Silent.
It's compassionate and kind

I speak the silent alphabet,
that only talks Heart to Heart.
It immediately quells all fears

If you cannot hear it,
then go ahead and
shut the gates of both
your eyes and ears

Go within, beyond mind,
far deeper, to the stillness
of the Silence within.

Listen closely and you
will hear the melodies
of Heart to Heart music
within the tranquil stillness,
where truth has always been

There's only one sound
drowning out all others.
It's the transcendent,
primordial sound of OM.

It's echoing within the
innermost chambers
of your Soul.  I'll be ringing
the sacred inner temple bell,
I'll be calling you back Home.

It's the ecstatic bliss
of the Beloved One,
singing It's loving presence,
Intimately to your Essence.

Now open all your eyes,
the inner and outer ones,
You'll finally see the Reality
of the splendor of Existence.

With an empty mind and
a pure Heart, all of the
world's miracles abound.

Feel the reverberating,
crescendo culminating.You'll [be] Consciously
Awake, to Realize, that
It is Love that is indeed
Creation's primordial sound.

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