Sunday, February 5, 2023

Ramana Maharishi’s Adaptation of the Gita

 When a man casts out all desires of the mind, O son of Pritha, and is content in himself he is said to be steadfast in wisdom.

ii:35 He attains peace who abandons all desires, acting without attachment, free from ‘I’ and ‘mine’. 

ii:71 He by whom the world is not afflicted and who is not afflicted by the world, who is free from pleasure, anger, fear and anxiety — he is dear to Me.

 xii: 15 The same in honour and dishonour, towards friends and foes; he who abandons the initiative in all undertakings, is called one beyond qualities. xiv:25 For him, however, who rejoices only in the Self, is gratified with the Self and content with the Self, no action is incumbent.

 iii: 17 He has nothing to gain by actions done or to lose by those undone. He is not dependent on anyone for the achievement of any object. 

iii:18 Satisfied with what comes to him by chance, beyond the pairs of opposites, free from envy, equal in success and failure, he is not bound by his actions.

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