Friday, February 10, 2023

Omkarananda Saraswati

 O Man! discern the objective of your existence on earth, which is a spiritual awakening, a gradual yet grand process of the unfolding of the Consciousness of the Divine, which you are essentially. Through Wisdom, master the secrets of all sciences, know the exact nature of things, tune your self to the workings of the Divine Nature of the Laws of Truth. Wisdom is the key to the Plenitude of Power and Joy. It saves one from countless sufferings and innumerable sins, cuts at the root of ignorance and confers upon you Peaceful Harmony and Absolute Perfection.

Man is whirled round and round in the storm of life when he clings to his ego, his lower self, his limited life. The sorrow of phenomenal life is rooted in the idea of individual living; a living of isolation and suffering, which is fed by the delusion of separative independence and permanent multiplicity of beings. To escape from such a self-made net-work of tormentations, Wisdom is the only means, as that alone will lead you to a realization of the real Oneness of Being.

Wisdom is acquired through right thinking, philosophical reflection, negation of creative imagination in relation to phenomena, attainment of equanimity in pairs of opposites like pleasure and pain and direct experience of spiritual verities.

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