Friday, February 3, 2023

(Hidden way across the threshold)

 O Pilgrim of the heavenly way, know that there is no enlightenment from without; the secret of all things is revealed from within. Therefore, when you have obtained mastery over the objective senses, you will no longer totter in your step nor falter in your flight across the great threshold of the unknown.

conscience is the voice of the soul; while passion is the voice of the body. There is a principle of the soul superior to all external nature; and through this principle we are capable of surpassing the order and systems of the world, and participating in the immortal life and the energy of the sublime celestials. When the soul is elevated to natures above itself; it deserts the order to which it is a while compelled to belong, and by a religious magnetism is attracted to another and a loftier with which it blends and mingles.

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