Monday, January 23, 2023

Todd Perelmuter


"If you were to look at human skin under an electron microscope, you would not be able to tell where the human being begins and ends.

There is no fine barrier between the person and the universe. There is just a flow from one thing to the next and the only reason we perceive separateness is because of the limitations of our senses.

Human beings can only see .0001 % of the spectrum of light and we can only hear .0001 % of the spectrum of sound. If we could see infrared, and if we could see ultraviolet and x-rays, and energy, and hear the whole spectrum of sounds, the universe would appear very differently, there would be no empty space. It would be so full we would just see this sea of energy and there would only be oneness.
There is no separate you. No separateness. There's a deep interconnectedness. There's only oneness."

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