Sunday, January 22, 2023

Some Selections from the Sakhis of Kabir

Kabir: “The two outer eyes are gone, and the two inner eyes are lost. Kabir says when all four eyes are gone, there is no hope of gaining salvation.” (The outer eyes are to behold the beauty of God everywhere, but people do not see God. The inner eyes of wisdom and discrimination is to lead one to the ultimate Truth.) Kabir: “All the people accept the dictates of their own mind. The knowledge of God is separate from these, and people do not know it.” (People accept various gods and religious sects, but do not know God that dwells in their own hearts.) Kabir: “People who are sleeping in ignorance have many imaginary dreams. They should wake up and open their eyes of wisdom. They would see that their soul is being severely looted. In the end there is nothing to take or give.” (Materialistic life is not the Reality, but a dream, as all will vanish. The soul is looted by such a life, as it loses spiritually. From a transcendental viewpoint, everything is perfect, so there is nothing to add or subtract.) Kabir: “Unless there is a firm resolve in the heart to attain happiness, and final beatitude, there can be no happiness and bliss. Kabir says that in the four yugas he proclaimed the teachings, but people still live with doubt in their hearts.” Kabir: “These sakhis are the eyes of knowledge. Understand them well, and realize them in your heart. Without knowledge of the sakhis, the troubles of worldly existence will not be abolished.” (Imbibe the essence of the sakhis, and attain the position of a witness (sakhi from sakshi-witness) to the Truth that is in the heart. The Truth is also called Shabda or Word. Knowledge of the sakhis puts you on the path of moksha or liberation.) – “The Complete Bijak of Kabir”, translation and commentary by Dr. Jagessar Das

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