Saturday, January 21, 2023

Random notes on Timeless Realization AKA recognition of your own real Divine true nature

 To the enlightened one, the world as he knew it ceases to be, and everything now stands enmantled (shrouded) by a shining vesture of divine effulgence, hitherto invisible to his normal vision.

(Swami Chidananda, Light Fountain Divine Life Society) If I were to spend years and years imagining how to invent anything so beautiful, I could not do it, and I do not even know how I should try, for, even in its whiteness and radiance alone, it exceeds all that we can imagine. (Saint Teresa of Avila) Everything that occurred to me while I was in this state of consciousness was vastly beyond anything that I had ever experienced and yet at the same time it was familiar - as if I had always known of its existence. Even now when I try to describe something so beautiful I am mute with awe. There are no words in any language to describe such grandeur. (Anonymous, Unbounded Light)

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