Sunday, January 15, 2023

Klara Hveberg


"Perhaps we’ve been created with this need to take a bite of the forbidden apple? Maybe God has planted the sin within us so that we’ll be able to find him? You don’t find God until you search for him. And you don’t search for God until you need him, need his forgiveness. Perhaps the great Composer wished for his symphony to be more minor than major, that the disharmony, the wrong notes, leads to something greater. A greater harmony.

Maybe it’s not only love that is like a fractal. Perhaps the universe itself has a fractal structure. That you are reborn as ever new copies of yourself, only with a slight twist. That you are given the chance to try again and again, until you find out who you really are. Until you find your true musical key. Then you’ll have reached your nirvana, the keynote where you can rest. Your true paradise. It’s magnanimous of the great Composer to give us the chance to try and fail, that we’re permitted to make the wrong choices before we find the right ones. That even the most minuscule particle of dust in the universe carries a copy of the entire universe within it. But the human heart remains the same all through the ages."

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