Thursday, December 29, 2022


"Many people are addicted to their beliefs, as is attested to by the fact that they act like addicts when someone tries to remove from their grasp the potent narcotic of their dogmatic ideologies.
The unwillingness to accept the possibility that everything may not be exactly as one perceives or interprets it to be reveals the degree to which a person may be addicted to, or even intoxicated by, their beliefs.
In such a state, as with addiction or inebriation, a person is in no condition to clearly perceive the things which might enable them to extricate themselves from the habitual patterns that they cling to in their thinking, because opinions have become the very foundation of their identity.
Furthermore, when a person confuses mere beliefs with, or for, their own Identity, they perceive any question which challenges those concepts or ideas as a threat to their existence.""

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