Tuesday, December 27, 2022



MANY AND VARIED are the forms of meditation. One form is that in which Brahman is likened to a boundless ocean, and the jiva to a fish, swimming happily about, feeling the soothing, living presence everywhere. In another form the body is regarded as a vessel, and the mind as water pure as crystal upon which is reflected the sun of Satchidananda Existence, Knowledge and Bliss. Yet again Brahman may be meditated upon as the limitless ocean, and the jiva as a vessel submerged in it, the water of Brahman within and without everywhere. Again one may think of oneself as a bird soaring blissfully through the sky of Satchidananda. These and many other forms are known to the followers of the path of knowledge. God is with form and without form. God in His absolute, formless aspect is meditated upon by the followers of the path of knowledge; but the devotee holds on to the name and form of God, and meditates upon Him with form. Various are the names and forms of God, which are but different aspects of the one



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