Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Scott Lindberg

I asked God

"What is your name? I want to be sure to get it right."

To my surprise an Angel came, put her head on my shoulder and whispered this in my ear.

"You are still seeking to define the undefinable, teratorialize the boundriless, stamp your approval rating on the invisible. You have great confusion because you think that I speak the languages of your world. But to put my beauty and radiance to word or paper would certainly diminish its loveliness and luminosity.

I think I know Humanities launguge and John Hancock, but it comes to me in light signatures.

You see I and my Angelic children with a mere thought, created a thousand planets, quite similar to yours. Sneezed out galaxies.

Had a pillow fight and feathered out Universes. All in a day of childlike joy and play.

Could powers of such magnitude have a form? Male and female~ness is something of  human origin for I Am what you

call quite Androgynous.

Oh, my, we are certainly so much more than that.

I can take on any form I choose. Why do you insist I must look like you, talk like you, think like you? Be...like you? Your arrogance proceeds you silly.

Since the beginning of time man, has created God in their own image. I think you got it

"outside in" and backwards.

  What do sad people have in common? They have built a shrine to gender, to words, dogma, rules and creeds. Insisted on setting unattainable goals. Hammering out in stone standards that no one human could ever meet.

What a set up!

They worship the past, miss the present for fear of future.They've  built walls to keep others out, yet those very walls have become their own prison.

They made a list of all the sins of their neighbors but ran out of ink before they could write their own. They created an eternal burning torture chamber to threaten those who just simply use different words. They put me in their elaborate Temples and glass Cathedrals, cram me in a box with pretty ribbons and bows. Then place it up on a pedestal to be worshipped.

To die for, to kill for!

I AM making Love all day through everything atom, every cell, every flower, every thought you think.

I AM seeing the world through your eyes, how about looking at the more beautiful and precious things for awhile, like seeing the glory and mastery of my loveliness, my heart, in all others.

Even my very breath is now going in and out of your lungs. And yours mine! Ha! Imagine that!

If we were to make an appearance you would be so starstuck by our beauty you couldn't speak. You would be so blinded by our radiance that you couldn't see. And so confounded by our wisdom and the deepness of our unfathomable Love, that you wouldn't be able to even remember my name. Heck you wouldn't be able to remember "your" name!

You want to be happy ?

Love all unconditionally, no ifs ands or buts. You may love us too we'd like that, it is good to be appreciated!

Oh....and stop being so religious!

Its unbecoming of you,

.......and me!


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