Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Mr. Narayana

 "The game that is being played is ""wake up""." It is knowing who you really are; there is only "I". There is only Divine Identity, You, God, Brahman, Supreme Being, are all the same. You are everything that exists, but these words deceive you because you are identified with the body and the mind; so you imagine that it is your ego that is everything. However, your ego, what you think you are now, is the one that surrenders to what you really are.

Thus, as the character dissolves, this character of the ego dissolves, the light of the soul shines, and then from the soul you go to God: which is the Self-Realization or the Realization of God - they are all the same... Realizing the divine nature. God still has a personal aspect of infinity, but there is no separation and you will see both at the same time and that means seeing yourself. "

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