Friday, December 30, 2022

Joseph White Eagle

 Only love brings out the passion within you to create something of beauty, for true beauty comes from the act of love. For it is that spark of love within you that starts the divine process of sharing the creative gifts you were blessed from the Creator.

Everything we focus our love on creates a spiritual connection and natural beauty, it can be the work you do, your hobbies, prayers, animals or people if you put the energy of love into it than it will only thrive and become beautiful in the eyes of others.
For truly great beauty can only come if it has been the recipient of love and this divine energy lives within it. So everything you create or when you have relations with other life, let your love be the foundation so only beauty will surround you.
When we try to emulate the Creator than truly we will be greatly blessed. Kiya oma sakihakan kihcihtwawisiwin pihcayihk kiya. (Your love is the sacred in you) Ekosi.

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