Thursday, November 3, 2022

Selections from the Kabir Book of Prayers

 "He [the Supreme Being] is from the beginning, eternal, in age after age, and Nameless [Anadi, Anami]. As a saint he left his own abode to come into the world. He came into the world and taught the way, and released the souls from Yama (death)."

"The birds, separated at night, meet again in the morning... I am Kabir, and I do not break my promise. My Word has power and is dependable. Whoever climbs onto the chariot of the Word, I will take to the Eternal Abode."

"Give up hopes on others, but have hope on God. Keep the company of holy people, and let truth saturate your entire being. Give up passions and desires, and drink the nectar of God’s name."

"The soul finds drops of nectar flowing. It longs to see God and, on being in His presence, it bathes in the river of tranquility."

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