Saturday, November 12, 2022


 "The teachings of Jesus and his followers correspond closely with the practices of Sant Mat (The Path of the Masters). From the point of view of the teachings of Santmat, through the inner meditation practices Jesus entered the Kingdom of God…" "It is believed by many that Peter, James, and John received esoteric teachings from Jesus. Some think this private instruction from the Master was about the practice of inner meditation." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj, Harmony of All Religions)

“Give ear; withdraw your souls from all that appears but is not truly real; close these eyes of yours, close your ears, withdraw from actions that are outwardly seen; and you shall know the reality of Christ and the whole secret of your salvation.” (Acts of Peter) “Descend into your heart, and in it you will find the ladder which leads to the Kingdom of God.“ (Saint Isaac the Syrian) The Ascension of the Soul: “Now therefore, while you are in the body, do not let matter rule over you: Arise! Let us go away from this place." (Yeshua, Gospel of the Saviour) "In the true terminology of the Saints or Masters, a blind man is defined, not as one who has no eyes in his head, but as one whose inner eye is closed. Those who do not see the Light of God are all, excuse me, blind. When they come to a Master and he gives them a sitting, the inner eye is opened and they see the Light of God. When they return, they are men with the inner eye opened. Similarly, before going to a Master, a man is deaf. When the Master gives him a sitting, he begins to hear the Music of the Spheres and he becomes aware."

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