Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Why the Third Eye?

 With the demiurgical or Kalistic systems of conventional religions there's always a sense of running out the clock, that though life is short we should be spending decades upon decades perfecting rites and rituals, or beginning at the bottom of the chakra system of the physical body and slowly working our way up, or waiting to develop super ethical purity par excellence till we become "worthy" before we can truly begin our spiritual journey. But demiurgical systems put the divine realm into an unattainable future state always out of reach of human beings who live lives here in the present-tense. The clock runs out! Not enough "time". The cosmic conspiracy wins again (Maya/illusion). For the Way of the Mystics however, it is never about "time" (kal) but the attention faculty of the soul, inverting our attention within powered by divine grace. Rather than a never-Kingdom unattainable, for the mystics the divine realm is a now-Kingdom to be accessed in the Living Present Moment!

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