Friday, September 23, 2022

By I Dunno

 Look around, no matter where you are and what you see, you are looking at Buddha nature, infinity, your true nature, Christ consciousness, nirvana, oneness, whatever we call it.

You have nowhere to go to get to it, it is timeless, it was always here and will always be here, in fact it cannot be escaped! But if you are not relating to it as such, it's because you are seeing it, relating to it and experiencing it as a seperate identity.

To experience Buddha nature and not just talk about it, "you" must disappear in it. And without "you" experiencing it, all that is left is Buddha-nature experiencing itself. But how can you disappear? see that everything appears and disappears in THIS, everyone and everything that you see, hear, smell, even your thoughts, your beliefs, your ideals, your desires, your dreams...

Notice especially that even your sense of being a person, your identity, your sense of being a separate observer is also something that appears and disappears in this infinite timeless space. Put your attention on the sense of observing, right now in this moment,

and realize that this sense of being someone, this sense of separation was never you or yours, it appears and disappears in this on its own like everything else All there is is THIS, everything else comes and goes, what are you trying to hold onto? Let it all go, everything, even yourself


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