Monday, September 19, 2022

Bhagavad Gita

 He knows bliss in the Atman And wants nothing else. Cravings torment the heart: He renounces cravings. I call him illumined. (2:55)

 Not shaken by adversity, Not hankering after happiness: Free from fear, free from anger, Free from the things of desire. I call him a seer, and illumined. (2:56)

 The bonds of his flesh are broken. He is lucky, and does not rejoice: He is unlucky, and does not weep I call him illumined. (2:57)

The tortoise can draw in its legs: The seer can draw in his senses. I call him illumined. (2:58)

The abstinent run away from what they desire But carry their desires with them: When a man enters Reality, He leaves his desires behind him. (2:59)


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