Monday, August 1, 2022

Unitarian Non-Duality


☦️ Jesus said “the Father and I are one”; and He also said “who has seen me has seen the Father”;

☦️ The name ‘Jesus’ is both the name of the Father and the Son as well as the name of the Holy Spirit.

The Son is the avatar of the Father, the revelation and manifestation of the Father. So Jesus is God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three personas or modes of the same divinity.

☦️ We too are avatars of the Divine, unfortunately for us we do not recognise this. Even though Jesus said “I am in you as the Father is in me” and “whatever you do to others you do to me and the Father also.”

☦️ For sure, Jesus preached Advaita, non-duality and oneness.

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