Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Lotus Flower

 Anybody who sees a lotus flower cannot stop to marvel at its breathtaking beauty. In spite of growing in a murky pond, the beauty of this flower is that it always looks clean and pure. Due to this, the lotus flower has over the years come to be associated with beauty and purity across religions. Apart from Buddhism and Hinduism, even the ancient Egyptians associated the lotus flower with rebirth and the Sun. The significance of the lotus flower is different between cultures, and yet there are many similarities as well.

An individual’s life can be said to be similar to that of a lotus flower in that beginning at the start of the karmic cycle, or the seed stage, till the bud emerges from the dirty water, thus implying a person holding steadfast on the path of spirituality has left behind all attachments, to becoming fully blossomed, expression a person becoming completely awakened and achieving nirvana. The life cycle of the lotus flower holds immense value.~~unknown

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