Thursday, August 11, 2022

Sree Ramanath

 Is Advaita Philosophy in some way related to the Big Bang Theory? Part 1

Yes. Let me rephrase the question as "What does Vedanta says about the universe which is in some way related to Big Bang Theory?"  since, Advaita is part of Vedanta. Let me give few examples that will help us to relate big bang theory and Advaitha Philosophy: According to it, The birth of universe happened like this: Advaita means "which is not two". If it is not two, it cannot be three, four etc. So it is ONE, which is Parabrahma. The ultimate force is one, which has no shape, gender, age, color etc. But every shape , gender, age, color etc are part of it. It is ever lasting. It is the thing which is inherently present in every existing and non existing things. It the force that every where. It is there before everything, there within everything, and will be there after everything got vanished. It has no decay, destruction.

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