Saturday, August 13, 2022

Sex as Yajna:

Yajna or sacrifice is derived from root word “Yaj”. It means Worship or offering an oblation. Max Muller defines Yajna is an act by which we surrender something for the sake of gods”6. Sex is worship. It is an act by which the couples surrender their ego, in order to gain pleasure, progeny, eventually even enlightment. “Her lap is a sacrificial altar; her hairs, the sacrificial grass; her skin, the soma-press. The two labia of the vulva are the fire in the middle. Verily, indeed, as great as is the world of him who sacrifices with the Vâjapeya (“Strength-libation”) sacrifice, so great is the world of him who practises sexual intercourse”7 (Brhad-Âranyaka Upanisad) These verses clearly shows that, sex was treated as a form of worship, an act to not only fulfill one”s desires and gain pleasures, but also as an act of sacredness. Sex as Meditation:

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