Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Ramana Maharshi

 Our soul only travels through time layers..Its true..Soul journey is towards superior soul..It attains positive energy by taking births and rebirths..Body decays but  deeds remains with  the soul..

You know I got a doubt..If any body dids wrong deeds by taking mask of some body s face  or by birth similer features..then whom the sin attaches..Reply came like this,, Superior souls sees the soul in the body..That much great human soul.. Ramana Maharshi  a Hindu sage from Aruna challam Tamil Nadu s Quote.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,Who am I ? Not the body because it is decaying,,                               Not the mind,,because brain will decay with the body..                                  Not the personality ,,nor emotions,,for these also vanish with death....END.. Then the breath which ends with death mean its small form of soul travels out towards its spiritual journey.. Just a struggle who am I..?...

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