Friday, August 12, 2022


 The purpose of life is to be at peace, To love all beings, and know who you are. Know your Self and you know everything. This immaculate knowledge alone is, Emptiness alone is. How can you come out of emptiness if there are no limits to it? The appearance of a manifestation is but lila of this Emptiness. Know who you are, here and now, by simply being quiet. You are this moment, introduce yourself to This, do not attach your mind to any direction. No sadhana, no past, no future, not even emptiness of your heart, not even space. To be free forever introduce yourself to this Moment. This Moment is always this Moment, It will not change. It is freedom, free from mind and concepts, and is your fundamental birthright. The best use of this Moment is to drown in It. Keep quiet, you are inside of the inside, do not dwell anywhere and make no effort. The concept of effort and practice is bondage. Just keep quiet, wherever you are, just keep quiet.

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