Sunday, August 14, 2022

Just Uproot the Attention from Here and Plant it There - Kirpal Singh

"So all true masters say that realizing God is a simple matter -- What is there to realizing the Lord? Just uproot the attention from here and plant it there. It is simply a matter of withdrawing and gathering together the scattered attention. The whole thing depends upon your attention, or surat as it is called, which is the outward expression of your soul. Wherever you keep it engaged or attached, those very thoughts will always be reverberating within you.

"We have to make the best use of things of course, but we are not to become attached to them. If we can only attach our soul to something higher within us, we would be alright. But, if our attention is diverted through the outgoing faculties so much so that it becomes identified with the outer things, what is the result? You cannot withdraw your attention from them.

"It is a question of the attention or surat, whether you keep it engaged to the outside things or invert and attach it to your Overself"

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