Saturday, August 13, 2022

By Prem Aakash

 The woman in your life is not just there for you to feel good, for you to share yourself, for you to get entertained, for you to have a source of sex, appreciation, warmth and care.

She can provide all that, but this is not the lesson. The woman in your life is a sacred gateway to heaven. As written in the scripts of Kashmirian Shaivism she is a portal to everything you ever wanted: sacredness, union, completion, perfection, bliss, God.
The portal opens when she is happy. And believe it or not, it is the EASIEST thing to make her happy. She is naturally so understanding, so forgiving, so carying, so loving. She will grow and transform to make the gateway easier to find. She will give you another chance, and another, and another. She can't help it. Cos her gift wants to be given
So what are you waiting for? Let all else go. Make her happy. Find the portal. Fly.
Prem Aakash

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