Saturday, July 30, 2022

Sri Matre Namaha

 This Human body is the temple of Devi , all the Shakti peethas thrive within each and every organ of your body . The grace of Shakti is available to every life in this universe as it is by her will everything that is created has come into existence . Abundance of Goddess can only be experienced by worshiping her both inside as well as outside . In Kaula traditions of Goddess all women , men and children are worshiped as her forms as worship of the Divine in a living being is the most dearest to the Goddess . She can be easily experienced when you approach her without greed /expectations to fulfill a desire . In absence of a desire , a peaceful and stable mind exists . A man who desires only union with divine and becomes bereft of mortal identities is Shiva . The quality of Shiva is what the Goddess expects in her devotee . Only with the nature of Shiva , the union with Shakti takes place . The completeness of Mother can be experienced by the inner union of the self ( Shiva ) with the creation ( Shakti )

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