Saturday, July 23, 2022

by Swami Ramsukhdasji


The moment man accepts his affinity with the world, he becomes trapped and suffers many sorts of pain.  He believes that this body, wealth , property, house, family etc, are his and he is their master, but in fact,  he becomes their slave. The misconception is that of becoming a master, but instead he becomes a slave. This is the absolute truth.   


Man should want that he serves those things, has no expectation from them, and has no attachment (sense of mine-ness) with them. Therefore, serve the body as well.  Give it food, water, etc., but do not regard it as your own. You cannot keep this body forever, you cannot make it as you wish, you cannot make it change the way you wish for it to be,  then how is it yours? 


Even money, property, house etc.. you cannot keep it as you would like it to be. Therefore these are ours, is entirely a lie (false statement). We have received these for the purpose of serving,  therefore serve them without being selfish. If they appear as ours, it is because of God’s generosity. When God gives anyone anything, God gives it in such a way, that the thing appears to the person as his own. This is such exceptional generosity of the giver, that even on giving everything,  He remains hidden. 


To assume the things that are received as ours, is misuse of God’s generosity. Therefore that which is not ours, should not be assumed as ours. And that which is in fact, really ours, we have to become inclined towards that God.



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