Tuesday, July 26, 2022


 When I use the word ‘God,’ I am referring to the unfathomable wisdom and love that is woven into the fabric of existence, and which transcends existence at the same time. This is not to deny the confusion, sorrow, and even violence that we can experience in our lives. Apparently, existence contains all possibilities, both positive and negative; since its source is infinite, how could it be otherwise? The problem begins when we conceive of a God who consciously decides what will and will not happen. Then we have to wonder why such a God would decide, or allow, for so many terrible things to occur. There are many elaborate theologies to explain this conundrum away, but in the end, none of them make a whole lot of sense. The problem is not with God, but with our conception of God. We have created God in our own image; that is the problem. God is the Infinite—containing all possibilities and all outcomes. God is not a cosmic someone who directs the events of life.

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