Saturday, June 18, 2022

Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj (Master of Self-Realization

 Blessed is the one who by dissolution of the "I" has realized Brahman. He is the owner of that liberation, and can bestow that state to others. It is the Jnani who has understood that whatever is visible is false. Things are seen, no doubt, but it is only Brahman, and there is nothing separate. In this vast city of Mumbai, if you pick up a handful of earth, is it earth, or is it Mumbai? People give the name of Mumbai to the earth and function accordingly. Really, it is only earth. There is no Mumbai. Without this earth, Mumbai has no existence. Similarly, without the Life-Energy, Chaitanya, the world has no existence. After all, you cannot find anything except for this Life-Energy. There is only this Chaitanya. If you look carefully, and see properly, there is no visible world. If you see in this way, and perform all actions knowing fully well that all of them are false, and you behave with only that attitude, then this is "Liberation while having the physical body" (Jivanmukti).

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