Monday, June 6, 2022

Robert Adams

  •When we get wrapped up in our head we more often then not get caught in an endless cycle of thinking the same thoughts again and again.

We get stuck. Underneath our thoughts though is a settled down space.
A place where new thoughts come from.
A place where insights come from.
It's when we let go of our normal thinking and trying to "Work it all out in our heads" that we make space for something new.
It's then that insights arise in us.
And we each have the power to tap into that state of mind.
The key is to let your mind relax and to let yourself off the hook.
You don't need to control your thoughts. You don't need to regulate them. You can let them flow freely.
You can let yourself stop trying to think your way to a solution.
You can stop expecting your thinking to be the key, And then see what happens•

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