Friday, June 3, 2022

Advaita Makaranda, commentary by Swami Tejomayananda, pgs. 37, 38

 In this long dream consisting of this universe, projected out of the great sleep called ignorance of the Self, do all these delusions like heaven, liberation, etc., spring forth.

This whole universe of things is a long dream. This world, the other worlds, the individuals who are striving to gain heaven or to gain liberation, the means which they adopt, the fruits which they gain, all these have the same degree of reality. This great dream is caused by the great beginning less sleep.

When we are dreaming, we make use of the dream objects to fulfill our dream requirements. In the same way we should make use of the Vedas. The different worlds pointed out in the Vedas are as real as the world in front of us. The so-called rational people deny the existence of other worlds, but readily accept the reality of this world blindly! In the Absolute Truth, of course no worlds exist. Vedanta is bold enough to say that even the idea of liberation is unreal! If bondage which is caused by ignorance is only an illusion, then how can liberation be real? The idea of liberation in comparison to the idea of bondage is false, but liberation as the nature of the Self is real (nitya-mukta).

If an individual feels that he is bound, then he should gain liberation. Without understanding the Truth, to say that everything is a dream is not proper. Vedas are the valid means of knowledge and ignorance!


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