Thursday, May 5, 2022

Swami Rudrananda, Spiritual Cannibalism

 An essential part of spiritual growth is the removal of spiritual blocks. One of the basic blocks is the sense of guilt. To feel unworthy prevents surrender and subtly impedes spiritual growth.

Guilt is an indulgence - an emotional teething ring which enables us to remain immature while whimpering that we are not good enough to have the experience we feel is reserved for “better people.” The best answer I ever heard to this type of thinking was given to me by the late Shankaracharya of Puri. “To grow spiritually you must learn to overcome your emotional blocks.”

Guilt is an experience of the lower level of life - the earth level. As you rise, this “garbage” falls from you and becomes the fertilizer which feeds the seed within - the consciousness you seek. The beautiful lotus rests upon the water; the roots are sunk in the scum and slime at the bottom of the lake. As you grow and surrender completely, your lower self falls away “to the bottom of the lake” and feeds the roots of your consciousness.


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