Monday, April 25, 2022

Yoga Vasishtha

 True research or vichara consists in constantly wondering: Who am I?. How could this illusory torment of samsara have occurred?. Knowledge of truth springs from this attentive research, which reassures the mind and generates an indescribable peace that we drives beyond all suffering.

Those who have the spirit of research wide awake, illuminate the world and those who live around them. They clear the ghosts of the ignorant mind and allow to understand the falsehood of pleasures and sensitive objects. The light of research or vichara allows for understanding of the eternal and immutable reality, which is the supreme being.

He who possesses this no longer desires anything else, but neither rejects anything; is free of illusion and all attachment, does not remain inactive or involved in action, lives and acts in this world until the end of his days and after reaches the blessed state of absolute liberation (nirvana or moksa).

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