Saturday, April 2, 2022

The Divinity or God-principle

 is understood as Sat-chit-ananda, existence-knowledge-bliss and is everywhere. This is known as the individual soul (atma) when we speak from the frame of reference of a living being. But, when you consider from a universal perspective, the entire universe is the body and the God principle is the universal soul (Iswara).

This also explains why Sanatana Dharma has multiple  expressions of deities celebrating existence of divine. In reality, it is just one God-principle that contains the entire energies in the universe. However, when the entire energy is split into individual components, this gives rise to a specific energy and are worshipped in different forms. For example, the energy that gives one the ability to study /comprehend is called Saraswati, the God of Learning and wealth is known as Goddess Lakshmi¸ the Goddess of wealth.

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