Friday, April 29, 2022

by NZ Yogi Time to Abolish Belief


I know I am alive, I don't have to believe that, in fact believing this is a waste of time and energy. I know God, therefore I don't have to believe in God.

We only have beliefs because we are unstable in our own self knowledge. All those people who go out with the intention of converting you to their faith (beliefs) only do so because they are unstable in their own self knowledge and it is only by having everyone else believing as they do that they will feel secure. Therefore I see attachment to any belief as a mental illness - you either know or your do not know.

Do you believe in aliens or life on other planets? The odds are in the light of scientific knowledge that life on other planets is possible, I am open to the possibility or probability that there is, but believing is nonsense.

Buddha taught 'take my ideas and try them out, and if they work for you, use them' he never said believe in me, create a religion in my name or follow me. Jesus said much the same thing and belief was never a factor in the teachings of the great masters.

"Belief is bullshitting yourself about something you do not know" ~ Sadhguru

Lets replace I believe with 'I think'.

Its time to dispense with belief, replace it with direct knowledge or a degree of possibility or probability as belief at the end of the day is simply a thought which is often given so much power it destroys. Please note that in order to not believe and accept an idea as potential, one must also suspend disbelief as the two forces are equal.


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