Saturday, March 5, 2022

Swami Muktananda

 “Almost every tradition speaks of Kundalini in one form or another and describes Kundalini in its own way. In Japanese it is called ki; in Chinese, chi; the scriptures of Christianity call it the Holy Spirit. What is that Kundalini? It is the power of the Self, the power of Consciousness.

 Kundalini is Shakti, supreme energy, whom the sages of India worship as the Mother of the universe. Shakti is the consort of Shiva. She is the active aspect of the formless, attributeless Absolute. People who follow the tradition of bliss call Her Ananda. Yogis make Her the goal of their yoga. Devotees sing Her name with love, and She becomes the object of their love. Enlightened people of knowledge perceive Her in all the forms and objects in the universe, and seeing everything as one in That, they merge in That. There is nothing higher, nothing greater, nothing more sublime and beautiful than Shakti. Dwelling within the center of the heart, She shines with all the colors of the morning sun, and when She is awakened within us, we can see Her there, blazing in all Her effulgence.” 


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