Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Hindi Padavali of Sant Namdev

 Everywhere I Look You Are -- Sant Namdev:

The One manifests in the many, pervading everywhere --
wherever I look, there is he.
Maya's diverse forms have so bewitched the world
that few know it is he.
All is God, all is God, there is nothing but God!
One string holds hundreds and thousands of beads,
God is the thread which runs through them all.
Waves, foam and bubbles cannot be separated from water.
This illusion is the play of the supreme Lord --
On reflection you will not find it different from him.
You have taken fleeting phantoms and ephemeral desires as true.
My Master has awakened right thoughts in me,
Thus purifying the mind and subduing it.
Reflect on God's creation, says Namdev, and realize --
Pervading everyone and everything is the Lord alone!

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