Monday, February 7, 2022

Tripura Rahasya, XVIII: 91-95


“She who is the Transcendental Consciousness, creating all and comprising their essence, is Pure Radiance and therefore devoid of anything insentient. She reposes in Her own Self undefiled by the ego. The insentient cannot exist of themselves but depend on Intelligence for their recognition and definition. They cannot shine by their own merit and reveal their own existence. They have, therefore, no repose. But pure Intelligence is absolute, shines by itself and feels its own existence, without any extraneous aids. Since it is self- radiant, it is self-reposed. Such is the Perfect ‘I’ — the transcendental ‘I’ — which is not present in insentient creation. Because the aggregate of all phenomena is of Pure Intelligence — the Supreme — and there is nothing beyond Her orbit, there cannot possibly be anything to divide Her into sectors, and so She is unbroken and continuous like a mirror reflecting images.”



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