Friday, February 25, 2022

Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche

 We exhaust ourselves in three ways: We construct mental concepts. We put in the effort. We create many objects or goals in our minds. These are the three things that really exhaust us. It's like the bug caught in the spider's web: the more it gets stirred the more it gets tangled in the web. This creates real pain, real torment for the mind.

The aim of Buddha’s teaching is to end pain and suffering – not only by relieving their symptoms but by eliminating their root cause. We must first realize that the true cause of pain is not outside, but inside. This is why true spiritual practice consists of working on one's mind. The mind is powerful It can create happiness or pain, heaven or hell. If, with the help of Dharma, you manage to eliminate your inner poisons, nothing from the external will ever affect your happiness, but as long as these poisons remain in your mind, you will not find the happiness you seek anywhere in World.

Relaxed? What needed to be done has been done, as Buddha sang.
Look outside for objects that appear and like water in a reflection, they are more deceitful than delusion itself. As unrealistic as dreams and illusions, they look like the moon that shines reflecting sunlight, and like rainbows..

Look inside, your own mind Looks pretty exciting when not tested. But when examined, there's nothing on him. It appears, without being, is nothing but empty, empty. He can't be unrecognizable by saying, "here he is! "It is transient and fleeting vague, like fog. He looked well at whatever appeared in any of the ten directions. However it may seem, the thing itself, its nature is the nature of the mind which is like heaven. It is beyond projection and disintegration, of thought and concepts. Emptiness is understanding that frees you from everything. Emptiness is the nectar of immortality.

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