Saturday, February 26, 2022


 Master Chua Kok Sui ( MCKS) the founder of pranic healing and Arhatic Yoga once explained the essence of GOD. He mentioned about Karma and how it is neutral, its a science of consciousness, its objective is never to punish any being on this planet and in any other multiverses. The grand overall design objective is HIS realisation, realisation that you are the one. The moment we realise that our present is due to our past karma, he says just Bow down .

 Surrender and empty yourself not seeking anything. The ever merciful GOD stops the ticking clock of that Karma and the intensity of your surrender only becomes the parameters for roasting it in the Divine will . Hooponopono which was introduced ling back in my life went deeper with this perspective of MCKS .

 This mind do not know what is the past actions that is my present manifestation, I just bow to that Divine daily for all those Unknown and embrace it fully like a mother loves her child. Those Karma are my creation and I take full responsibility of it even today, I do not know it is burning, cleansing or roasting I know that LOVE has the ability to transmute and transcend anything. And so it is . .


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