Monday, February 7, 2022


  A visitor is experiencing great difficulty in meditation when he fights with what he imagines to be his ego. He went

to the Master for verification.
V. In my meditation I try to eliminate the wrong ‘I’, but so far without success.
Bh. How can ‘I’ eliminate itself?
All you have to do is to find its source and abide in it as your real Self. Your efforts
can extend thus far, the Beyond will take care of itself.
V. Bhagavan, you always say that the Self is ever present: if I am present then why do I not feel it?
Bh. Do you not now feel that you exist?
Your doubt is whether you will ever continue to exist.
Why should you have any doubt?
A little thinking will convince you that the
destructible part of your being, the body, is a mere machine, a tool in the service of the indestructible, the mind, which is the all-in-all, the knower and the master
– you yourself.
Your doubts and difficulties arise from your thoughts, which perceive the body and mistake it for yourself. Stop the thoughts, which are your enemy (the ego), and the
mind will remain as your pure being, the immortal ‘I’.
That is the best way of eliminating the ego.

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